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Poiret Romper

Poiret Romper


Poiret Harem Romper- Around 1911 Paul Poiret introduced harem pants to the west as part of his efforts to liberate the western female. Corsets were on their way out and fashion was changing drastically. His designs were seen as controversial as women typically did not wear trousers during this time. With this idea in mind along with undeniable comfort and freedom we have designed a convertible gender fluid garment that can be worn in multiple ways. The Poiret Romper can be worn up around the bust line tied around the neck halter style where extra support is needed or tied in a bow. JJ’s favorite way to wear them is down around the waist with an oversize tee. Did we mention the generous pockets?! We use the softest hand blocked Indian cotton. Hand blocking is an ancient and beautiful method of textile printing. First wooden blocks are hand carved with intricate details on them. Skilled artisans then dip these blocks in all natural vegetable dyes and manually print the entire length of the fabric. The block is changed and a different color is chosen. This process is repeated several more times before the fabric is completed and takes its final bath in a solution that sets the dye and is moved to the drying yard. All fabric used is hand selected by 1926 exclusively; we create the pattern then each piece is hand finished. All products in this collection are ethically sourced using skilled artisans in Jaipur.

  • Paisley block print
  • Fits 22"-40" waist 37" length 31" drop
  • Matching top
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