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Bayou Priestess Collection

I have always been drawn to clean lines and modernism, having grown up in the home of a modernist architect. But within the past decade plus, as I’ve developed my curating eye, I’ve  become obsessed with the idea of a bayou priestess. Ethereal and layered, without structure, without angles. Fluid, ebbing, misty. Spiritual, romantic  and effortlessly stylish with a subtle sex appeal. Styled with pieces from the Martha B Wearable assortment containing raw energies of quartz, amethyst and citrine paired with the rich luster of gold plate and oxidized copper, we offer our Bayou Priestess Collection. 

The Bayou Priestess collection, all curated vintage finds from the deco period to contemporary makings, is comprised of romantic silhouettes, delicate Victorian lace, intricately hand-embroidered eyelets, the softest fringe attached to beautiful floral embroidered silk scarves. If you were a stylist looking to create a quintessentially bohemian lookbook where your client appeared as though she did not saunter and instead  glamorously floated, coasted along like Stevie Nicks in a dissipating fog, you would click on this collection and snap up every piece. Slink into a vintage nightgown after a hot bubble bath. Drape yourself in a silk shawl and feel the fringe tickle your skin as you water your garden. Layer yourself in gemstones to add a little visual interest for your next monotonous zoom call. Szuszh a little.

Finally, I have now spent concentrated time in this new normal with my husband Chris. I’ve seen how our personal styles have evolved over the course of our relationship and we could not have landed in this place without a little daring, a little bravery. We could not have built 1926 without tapping into and outside of the box.

Perhaps you’ve always had a different picture in your mind of how you’d present yourself sartorially but were too scared to try something different. I will always respect and approach styling with a modernist foundation, but it’s about seeing, incorporating, playing to get the truest presentation. The most authentic place.

Now would be the time to experiment and unlock that new piece of you. Maybe it’s a gemstone necklace added to your customary plain black tee. Maybe it’s a whispery fringed silk shawl draped across your shoulders. With this collection, there’s something to play with, something new to explore. You might be shocked at what you find in YOU by trying something different. Be inspired today to try something “off” or different. Surprise yourself.

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